We recognize this incredible Garden as the heart of everything else that surrounds it.

It’s our classroom, our quiet place, and our reference to observe as we keep moving forward in this era, where it seems like everything is changing rapidly. If you look from the top view of our 40 acres property, the Israel Prayer Garden is at the center of everything!

Because of our leadership’s vision to establish this Garden first, everything else connects back to it. From the Tabernacle to our community outreach centers, to a sustainable composting operation, farm animals, Community Garden, Illuminate! Creative Arts Studio, kids gardening classes… all started with the Garden.

From the Prayer Garden, plants that naturally multiply are removed and transplanted to other areas. Any garden waste becomes compost and goes back to the Garden. Our ducks “visit” the Garden to eat the bugs. The congregation and community come to the garden to pray and enjoy it. The farm animals work the grounds for us and give us organic material that becomes compost and…..goes back to the Garden.

We are passionate about this land and we feel honored to be able to care for this property and the synergy it creates.